Dorothea Divine – High Tech Senior

Dorothea Divine has lived at Brookside Village for over three years. She was raised as a farm girl in Loogootee and worked at Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center in southwestern Indiana for many years. She started on ordinances and worked in procurement as a contracting officer supervisor when she retired. She has served as Brookside's resident council president for over three... Read More

Get to know resident Edna Overbeck

Edna Overbeck is a painter, a musician, and a singer. She is a marvelously talented woman with a genuine love for her fellow man. “I’m waiting on my daughters to visit this afternoon," Edna said. "We have a trio and are going to practice for our performance for the community. When the girls were growing up we had a family... Read More

Get to know resident Gloria Fierst

Gloria Fierst loves life. You can see it in her glowing smile and the joy that lights up her face. Gloria is a lifelong resident of Jasper. “We lived on a farm just outside of town, Gloria said, everything we ate came from our ground.” Gloria was married for 53 years to her true love John, who was a history... Read More

10 Tips to Prevent a Fall

Falling down can be dangerous at any age, but seniors are particularly vulnerable to serious injuries and long recovery periods. According to the Centers for Disease Control, each year one in three adults age 65 and over takes a spill and it’s the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries. The following in-home adjustments can be made to reduce the... Read More

Assisted Living and More!

We have one Assisted Living apartment available. Enjoy delicious food, entertainment, shopping, and regular events and trips.

Games Nourish the Brain

What if it were possible to exercise and stave off aspects of aging without leaving your chair? Wouldn’t it be great to feel better and be more mentally alert without breaking a sweat? Break out the games and turn off the T.V. Researchers have found that people who play some type of game at least every other day, achieved higher... Read More